"What Home Buyers Want"
Survey 2013 Reports Now Available

  • Want to stop wasting your advertising budget?
  • Want to know what buyers really want?
  • Want to know what buyers in competing estates think?

Get it right with a
"What Home Buyers Want" Survey Report.

  • Survey undertaken Nov-Dec 2013
  • The only fully independent survey of buyers in residential estates from Jindalee to Bunbury and in all Perth’s major growth corridors 
  • The only survey that covers 20 estates in Perth’s growth regions, giving a comprehensive understanding of what buyers want
  • The only survey that is supported by face-to-face, on-the-ground interviews of buyers in estates
  • The only survey that benchmarks estate performance based on "benefits" that buyers value
  • The only survey that can show 5 years of trends

Results of the survey conducted across 20 residential estates from Perth’s growth regions and the South West have been processed and analysed. Solid samples have been achieved in all regions. The Overall Report, Regional and Individual Estates Reports are now available for purchase.
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  • The Buyers: gender, age, family, employment, and where they came from.
  • Advertising Effectiveness - How buyers first found out about their estate. What other properties they looked at and where.What actions buyers took in their search for more information.
  • Estate Performance - What buyers think of their estate.  How buyers rate their estate on delivery of: design and presentation; facilities, location, community, reputation, and environment.
  • Community Facilities and Activities — What buyers have highlighted as the facilities and activities they most want in their estate.
  • The Competition – What and Where — How buyers searched for their property and the area they covered in their search. Other estates and suburbs  they looked at, and whether or not established homes were included in their search.
  • Future Purchase Intentions — Whether or not buyers are thinking of purchasing in the next 12 months. If they are, the type of property they are considering. How they believe the economy will impact upon their lives in the next 12 months.
  •  Incentives that Resonate with Buyers  The incentives that most inspire buyers to purchase in a particular estate.
  • Trend changes over the past 5 years 

Please note that regional results differ from the overall results, regional results differ from each other, and individual estate results differ again. Reports are available with Overall findings, Regional findings and Individual Estate findings. Reports are also available on individual facets of the research. Call us to find out how we can supply you with the information you need most efficiently and cost-effectively 0478020533.


Perth's North Coastal Suburbs

  • Burns Beach Estate (Peet), Burns Beach
  • Jindalee Beachside, Jindalee (Satterley)
  • Brighton, Butler (Satterley)

    Perth’s North Eastern Suburbs

  • Malvern Spring Village, Ellenbrook (LWP)
  • Vale, Aveley (Stockland)
  • Perth’s South Eastern Suburbs

  • Newhaven, Piara Waters (Stockland)
  • Bletchley Park, Southern River (Wallis Group)
  • The Glades, Byford (LWP)

    Perth’s Central Southern Suburbs 

  • Emerald Park, Wellard (Cedar Woods)
  • The Village at Wellard (Peet)

    Perth’s South Coastal Suburbs

  • The Rivergums (Cedar Woods)
  • The Chase (Peet)
  • Baldivis Central (Australand)
  • The Dales (Fernhill)

    Peel Region (Mandurah)

  • Lakelands Private Estate, Mandurah (Peet)
  • Austin Lakes (Satterley)

    South Western WA

  • Kingston, Australind (Lester Group)
  • Treendale, Australind (Treendale)
  • Millbridge, Eaton (Ardross)
  • Vasse Newtown, Vasse (Perron Group)


Customised, Individual Slide Packages
Individual Slide Packages available from $500 if from the Overall What Home Buyers want Report and from $750 if customised.

Customised, Individual Estate Report
$1,500 (prices subject to change)

Overall Report, Regional Report (of choice), Individual Estates Report (of choice)
 $7,500 (prices subject to change)

Overall Report, Regional Report (of choice), Individual Estates Report (of choice) PLUS a boardroom presentation and 4 hours SMR consultation time
$10,000 (prices subject to change)

*Note that the boardroom presentation option is customised according to client preference and includes a full account of feedback from buyers obtained during the face to face interviews, in context, and also includes developer ranking against competing developers on a range of criteria. 

To order your report(s) and/or your boardroom presentation, please contact Debra Bambook, email: or phone: 0478 020 533.


For more information about SMR’s buyers survey and to express interest in being part of the 2014 survey view our Estates Survey Snapshot Brochure.

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